Give the tasteful gift of Sardinia! 

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Send the essentials of the Italian Pantry to your family, friends,
and colleagues for the holidays!
Perfect for the Italian aficionado, any "foodie," or those that love to cook.
Our lovely baskets includes olive oil, pasta, flat bread, honey, wines, sauces, and Italian holiday cakes that are all imported from the island of Sardinia.
Enjoy the rustic and traditional cuisine rich in the flavors and textures of this timeless island as you travel and cook with our products!

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Panettoncino      $8.95
A baby traditional Italian holiday cake perfect perfect for a snack, with a cup of coffee or glass of Prosecco. Comes in a drawstring bag !

Chocolates      $7.95
A gift bag of delicious white and milk Chocolates! Can eat them raw or melt them to make a sauce over icecream or other desserts!

Pane Carasau      $13.45
Sardinian Music Bread

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Sweet Myrtle & Bitter Honey      $39.95
The Mediterranean flavors of Sardinia

Treasure Tote      $50.00
Give the gift of the culinary jewels of this Mediterranean island

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Tabletop Gift Box      $45.00
The essentials for any Italian tabletop.

Flavors of the Mediterranean      $75.00
Give the flavors of the Mediterranean with these essential Italian ingredients

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Agro e Dolce      $165.00
The perfect combination of sweet and savory items to add some sugar and spice to your kitchen

Ultimate Cucina      $250.00
Experience the timeless cuisine of Sardinia with this ultimate collection of bread, sauces, pastas, rice, oils and Prosecco

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All GourmetSardinia gifts come with recipe cards & an enclosure card that can be personalized on the next page..
Add an autographed copy of Efisio Farris's cookbook Sweet Myrtle & Bitter Honey