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Gourmet Sardinia at home - Chef Selected
We hope all of our products become staples of your pantry. Below please find recipes that were created by Efisio and can be found in his cookbook "Sweet Myrtle & Bitter Honey" or by the chefs at our Texas restaurants (Arcodoro & Pomodoro). Our recipes are simple, versatile and adaptable enough to suit your lifestyle. Bring out your inner Sardinian at home in your cucina. Salute!
GourmetSardinia has been recognized throughout the media for its uniqueness, high quality ingredients and extensive health values. Click on Press to read more.
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Pane kin Recottu Durke

Sweetened ricotta served
atop toasted pane carasau
and finished with a drizzling
of bitter honey.

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Miele Amaro
di Corbezzolo

Originating from Sardinia, Miele Amaro hits the palate with a unique sweetness, followed by
a slightly bitter aftertaste. This honey is collected after three months of pollination on flowers of the rare Arbutus Unedo plant. Efisio finds Miele Amaro
as useful in salads and main dishes as it is in desserts.

 255 g

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