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Lorighittas Pasta

Lorighittas Pasta
Lorighittas Pasta Lorighittas Pasta Lorighittas Pasta
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Price: $22.35
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Customer Reviews

New Product! Lorighittas hail from the town of Morgoniori in the western part of the island and are not nearly as common as malloreddus or fregula. They are far more intricate: a long, thin spaghetti noodle looped and braided to look like a small rope. Comes in a 1lb bag.

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| 2 reviews (5 / 5 )

I normally shop at the store here in Houston because it is near to our home but love having the option of using the website to send gifts to my family in NY. The Lorighittas are a coveted treasure for our entire family.
| 2 reviews (5 / 5 )

These noodles are absolutely the best. I enjoy them with a little olive oil, fresh mozzarella, basil, tomato and crushed red pepper.

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