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Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean; just a bit smaller than Sicily. Sardinia is also the fourth least populated region in Italy, with under two million inhabitants. The culinary history of Sardinia can be traced back thousands of years. One of the oldest Sardinian foods is probably pane carasau, or “music bread”. In fact, remains of a crispy flatbread like pane carasau have been found in archeological excavations of ancient Sardinian stone buildings.

Authentic, Fine Quality Ingredients from Sardinia

It's important to all of us here at Gourmet Sardinia that our customers enjoy good food, family, and long healthy lives. The products found on this site are expertly crafted from the finest that Sardinia, Italy has to offer. Everything here is selected for it's color, flavor, texture, as well as a wide variety of other qualities, including health benefits. Sardinia is classified as being one of the five regions of the world known as a “blue zone”. The people who live their lives in one of the “blue zones” are said to have remarkable longevity and excellent health.

Olive trees are found everywhere on the island of Sardinia, and these trees produce some of the finest olive oils in the world. Even though machines have replaced the traditional methods of extracting the oil, the results have not suffered. Olive oil remains a delicious and healthy staple of the Sardinian diet.

Seafood In The Sardinian Diet

With 1,149 miles of coastline, it may come as a surprise that meats, cheeses, and pasta, not fish, are the oldest staples of a Sardinian diet. However, you will now find many seafood dishes are popular and even considered “traditional” in Sardinia. Aside from a few, many of these dishes date back no more than a few centuries. That’s relatively young, by Sardinian standards.

Pecorino Sardo is a firm cheese from Sardinia, that is made from sheep’s milk. The flavor of this cheese can differ slightly, depending on the region and the aging process. It was awarded Denominazione d'Origine status in 1991, meaning that for a cheese to be called Pecorino Sardo, it has to come from Sardinia.

Pecorino Sardo is not as well known outside Italy as the Pecorino Romano or Pecorino Tuscano varieties. The flavor of the Sardo variety is more rich, not as salty as the more well known Pecorino Romano. However, a great deal of the Pecorino Romano sold outside Italy is actually made in Sardinia, as Sardinia is within Romano's PDO (protected designation of origin) area.

“A Chent’Annos” is a traditional Sardinian toast. It translates to “May You Live to One Hundred”. In Sardinia, such longevity is not all that unusual.

In 2012, with a population of approximately 1.6 million, Sardinia was confirmed to have the world's highest percentage of people who lived to 100 years, according to the Guardian newspaper of the U.K. At that time, over 300 of Sardinia’s population had reached the century mark. That is twenty times greater than the number of people who live that long in the United States!

A Healthy Diet For Longevity

What might be the secret to the Sardinian’s long life? While genetics and culture certainly play a part, the impact of the healthy Sardinian diet is a major factor.

The typical Sardinian diet is rich in healthy nutrients from fresh locally grown vegetables and grains, prepared simply with olive oil and served with lemon, garlic and other spices. This diet is particularly rich in proteins derived from milk and cheese, while being low on sugary food and meat. In fact, some Sardinians will tell you they might eat meat only once or twice a week.

Authentic Sardinian food is delicious and healthy. It can easily become part of your family’s diet. You can buy ingredients here from our online market. Also, visit our restaurant, Arcodoro in Houston, TX, for delicious meals. Recipes can be found here on this website, and in the award winning cookbook, “Sweet Myrtle and Bitter Honey”.

Cooking the Sardinian Way

It's important to us that people enjoy food, family, and long healthy lives.  The ingredients found on this site are expertly crafted from the finest that Sardinia, Italy has to offer.  Everything here is selected by Efisio Farris for it's color, flavor, texture, and a wide variety of other qualities including health benefits.  Our ingredients don't include junk fillers that degrade the ability of the food to contribute to your health.  


We hope that as you browse the site and read through the cookbook that you'll learn a new way of cooking delightful meals for your guests and family, and that you'll be inspired by Efisio's stories and the history presented here.

Experience Sardinian Cooking from the Masters

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