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For people who really want to eat something uniquely Sardinian, the Lorighittas pasta is a rare treat! It is meticulously shaped by hand to resemble a twisted ring. Lorighittas hails from the town of Morgoniori, in the western part of Sardinia. The women of Morgongiori have handed the tradition of making this pasta down through generations; preserving a long standing Sardinian tradition. 

Pane Carasau

Pane Carasau is a traditional Sardinian flatbread. It is a very simple bread, made of flour, yeast, water, and salt. The dough is rolled out thin and baked, then split into two layers which are baked again. The result is a thin, crispy bread that has been a Sardinian staple for centuries. In fact, remains of a crispy flatbread have been found in archeological excavations of ancient Sardinian stone buildings.

Musto d'Uva

Musto d’Uva is a traditional Sardinian grape reduction sauce. The production of Musto d’Uva is an ancient, meticulous craft that has changed little over time. Like so many Sardinian foods, it is produced seasonally, before the grapes began to ferment and before Winter comes to the island. To create Musto d’Uva, he unfermented juice of grapes (known as “must”) are cooked in large copper pots, until reduced to a rich, slightly sweet liquid.

Spaghetti Is Great Comfort Food

Who doesn’t love spaghetti? It’s such a comforting, satisfying dish! When most people think of spaghetti, noodles in a tomato based sauce with or without meatballs is probably what comes to mind. Although most people think of spaghetti with tomato sauce as a classic Italian dish, tomatoes weren’t part of Italian cuisine until sometime in the 1800s. One of the earliest recipes for pasta with tomato sauce is actually found in a French recipe book from the late 1700s. While the classic spaghetti with tomato sauce and meatballs is absolutely delicious, there are so many more ways to serve this versatile pasta.

Pasta: A Staple of Italian Culinary History

What immediately comes to mind when you think of Italian food? It’s pasta, of course! Americans love it, and they eat an estimated twenty pounds of it per person, per year. Although it is a staple food throughout Italy, noodle variations have long been a popular dish in many ancient cultures across Europe and Asia.

One of the earliest accounts of something like modern Italian pasta dates back to writings from the first century AD. This Roman noodle was made from similar durum wheat used in modern recipes. It was called “lagane”, which might be the origin of the modern word for lasagna. Unlike today’s boiled varieties, “lagane" noodles were baked in an oven.

At its most basic, Olive Oil is a fat that is found in olives. Native to the Mediterranean region, olives were harvested by Neolithic people more than 800 years before Christ was born. So it’s easy to say that the tradition of cooking with olive oil goes back, way back. At Gourmet Sardinia, we offer three different varieties of Italian Olive Oil. We have a cold pressed / extra virgin variety, our organic, and our traditional olive oil.

Cooking the Sardinian Way

It's important to us that people enjoy food, family, and long healthy lives.  The ingredients found on this site are expertly crafted from the finest that Sardinia, Italy has to offer.  Everything here is selected by Efisio Farris for it's color, flavor, texture, and a wide variety of other qualities including health benefits.  Our ingredients don't include junk fillers that degrade the ability of the food to contribute to your health.  


We hope that as you browse the site and read through the cookbook that you'll learn a new way of cooking delightful meals for your guests and family, and that you'll be inspired by Efisio's stories and the history presented here.

Experience Sardinian Cooking from the Masters

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